Sunday, 16 October 2011

My favourite YouTubers.

This is just a quick post to tell you about my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube, I love YouTube and the people on it, so I thought I'd share them with you.

My favourite beauty guru is Louise, I love her mainly because of her hilarious personality! Louise is beautiful inside and out, she is so lovely, kind but also humble. Louise channel consists of makeup, reviews and also her gorgeous baby girl Baby Glitter, she is adorable! If you watch Louise I will guarantee you will fall in love with her channel and also her. I get excited when she uploads a new video, because she always manages to cheer me up and make me laugh so much.

 This is a channel run by Patricia, she has amazing style, gorgeous hair and she is absolutely beautiful. She too has a hilarious and brilliant personality.

This channel is by a lovely girl called Rhiannon, she has the best style on YouTube in my opinion. Her videos are based more around fashion, she does allot of DIYs, OTTDs etc.

There's no doubt you will have heard of Beautycrush, her name is Sammi. I enjoy her hauls, tutorials, OTTDs and just everything really!

Wayne is a professional makeup artist, his videos are best for quick makeup tips and they are definitely extremely helpful.

Nishita (Nia) is a beautiful woman with a very edgy fashion sense and I love it! She does all the usual things, with an edge.

Gracie is hilarious and gorgeous! She has a great personality that comes out in the videos, she keeps things real. She does great OTTDs, tutorials etc.

Shirey is a lovely woman and has a nice sense of style, she does great tutorials, fashion videos, OTTDs and hauls.


  1. I love, love, love Sprinkle of Glitter and Beauty Crush!!
    They're both fantastic!! Louise is SO funny!

  2. Sprinkle of Glitter makes my day :)
    Shane Dawson will always be one of my favourite youtubers :) xo

  3. Love your blog! love beauty crush and sprinkle of glitter! and guess what I am new also, and a british teengaer also and called Hannah also YAY! Hannah x