Sunday, 9 October 2011

Piercings- my experiance and pain rating.

I have 8 piercings, my lobes (3 and 2 times), tragus, helix and nose.  I would say that non of my piercings hurt, if you want to get a piercing done, do it! The slight pinch is definitely worth it, don't be scared. If like me you like reading other peoples experiances before getting a piercing then I hope this will help.

Ear lobe piercings are the most common piercing that people have. Lobe piercings do not hurt in the slightest, if they did hurt then they wouldn't allow young children to get it done. The piercing feels like a slight pinch, it lasts for 1 second and then its over, if you want to imagine what it is like then just nip your ear, it feels the same. The further you get up the ear, the bigger the pinch will be, but non will hurt.Lobe piercings range from £5each ear to £10 each ear. On a scale of 1-5 I would give it a 1.

The next piercing I got was my tragus, the tragus is the small pointed eminence of the external ear, or in simple terms the nobly bit at the front of the ear that keeps your earphones in. I absaloutly love this piercing! I was extremly scared about getting this done but I had no need to be! The worst part of my experiance was actually waiting for it to be sterilised because of all the nerves. I paid £10 to get this done.

What they do is mark on your tragus where they are going to pierce it and then the clamp your ear. Very quikley they pierce a needle through your tragus, this part is not painful due to a relatively smaller number of nerve endings in the tragus. I did not even know she put the needle through! They then take the needle out and put in the jewelery, my friend who has this done said that this stung slightly for her but for me I didn't even feel it. I would give this piercing a 2/5.

Mine didn't bleed and the piercing was not sore afterwards and I even slept on it with no problem. I had to clean it with hot salt water and '5% tea tree oil in almond oil' that I purchased at the shop, I think they said 2/3 times a day until it healed. The average healing time for me was around 3 months, after this time I could change the jewellry. 

However after a few weeks a spot appeared on the piercing, it didn't hurt but I went in the the shop and asked why this was, the woman said it is due to the jewellry moving inside my ear in irritating it. To clear this up I had to continue to apply hot salt water to it 2/3 times a day and also the 'tea tree oil in almond oil', after a couple of weeks the spot had completly gone. If this happens to you then do not worry, it happens to alot of people!

The helix is the top part of your cartilage, because both bits of the ear are cartilage the helix feels about the same as the tragus, so it also did not hurt at all! I got both piercings done at Blue Banana, which I do recommend, I paid £15 to get this done because I picked better jewellry.The process of getting the helix done is pretty much the same as the tragus so I won't repeat myself. Again the pain rating is just 2/5.

The further up the cartilage the piercing is then the more it will hurt, well not hurt but you know what I mean.

My helix did bleed when I got it done, but not in a painfull way. It didn't feel sore afterwards and I never had any problems with it. After care was the same as the tragus. You can change the jewellry after 3 months or so.
Whatever you do, DO NOT get cartilage piercing done with a gun, this will shatter the cartilage!!!!!

I love my nose piercing, it looks so cute. I got my nose done with a needle, you have the choise of getting it done with a gun if you chose but I feel as though it is safer with a needle. Getting it done with a needle will cost alot more though, I paid £25 but it was only £8 with the gun! I didn't mind the extra money because my mother paid, haha, at the place I got mine done if you had a needle the stud they gave you was smaller, which is what I wanted. Do not worry, nose peircings do not hurt either, although my friend got it done with a gun and she reckoned it did slightly. It does make your eyes water when you get it done because its all connected I think... I'd also give this 2/5 for pain.

It was red and slightly sore afterward but not alot, it was definately bareable. Just like my tragus after a couple of weeks I got a spot on the piercing, I did the same thing as before and it went after a couple of weeks, most peoples go after a couple of days but thats just my luck! I got it done 2.5 months ago and I would say it has already healed.

I recommend all of these piercings, I hope this helped, and sorry if I missed anything.

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